Forming Your Identity

When I first started going to church I was about 12 years old. I have always gone to public school and being a Christian in a public school is not easy. I remember going to church and acting like an angel, but as soon as I would leave, it was as if nothing in my … Continue reading Forming Your Identity


All About Me

Me. Not you. Not what you are going through. Me. This has been more of a reality in my life lately. Ever since I can remember, all I could ever talk about was myself. My problems, my issues, my goals, my, me, me. There will come a time in life when you realize that … Continue reading All About Me

So There’s This Guy…

I had been focused on what the world had to offer for a while now. Then, for some reason, I kept hearing people say things like, "He caught my eye!" or "I can't stop thinking about him!" or "I'll never love the same!". It kind of freaked me out really. Me, being my curious self, … Continue reading So There’s This Guy…